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So, taking this into consideration, is the Banfield wellness plan cost worth it? How do these wellness plans stack up to others as far as costs?

It’s important to remember that Banfield wellness plans are NOT the same as . Check out our .

"A lot of people couldn't afford everything a pet needs," said , a vet who also serves as Banfield's vice president and client advocate. "A wellness plan spreads the cost over 12 months of payments."

Banfield "Kitten Wellness Plan"..

This video from Banfield Pet Hospital explains a little bit about its Optimum Wellness plans: Long story short...My 9yr old pug died a traumatic death and when I called to cancel his wellness plan Banfield couldnt have been any more cold hearted. I paid out the wazoo to try to save my pups life and then to have Banfield say pay a ridiculous amount of money to cancel the plan or just let them deduct the monthly fee for a dead dog....I am disgusted a company can operste like this...My

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RIPOFF - Insurance usually terminates when the patient dies - not Banfield's Wellness Plan -- they look at the services provided and then say - well we provided services in excess of the plan amount - so pay the balance of the plan amount. Only problem is I ended up paying a portion of the services myself - but that is included in the retail value of what they provided - Double dipping and over charging

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When Sarah Harper took her cat, Pete, to Banfield, the Pet Hospital, she was encouraged to sign up for one of the company's "optimum wellness plans."Banfield has 655 facilities nationwide, mostly attached to PetSmart pet-supply outlets. The company says it sees an average of 375,000 pets monthly, with about 2 million animals covered by wellness plans.Pete developed epilepsy last year and had to be put to sleep (as they say) in October. Harper subsequently contacted Banfield to terminate Pete's wellness plan. She said she was told she couldn't cancel because she'd agreed to a one-year contract.That sounds straightforward enough, and Banfield's media kit states prominently that "wellness plans are insurance policies." The materials that consumers see aren't as forthright.Banfield sees its wellness plans as a way for pet owners to manage the fixed costs of regular checkups and routine treatments. Payments can be made annually, but the company says most people opt for monthly installments.Brian Iannessa, a spokesman for VPI, said policies typically cost $25 to $30 a month -- about the same as a comprehensive Banfield wellness plan -- and reimbursed expenses for most tests and treatments.