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This company has thousands of reviews like mine! What is it going to take to get them investigated and eventually shut down??? Never ever take your pets to any Banfield, unless you want them to die. I wish I can undo the damage, and bring my baby back, my heart aches like never before. I just wanted to take good care of my boy, I wanted to do right by him by trying to get his teeth cleaned, that's all! I never wanted vaccines! The convinced me to sign up for the package and vaccinated him first! Before anything else, and that caused a reaction! I have documented the entire process of what happened to him from start to finish, with pictures and wrote on the cat site dot com about his condition looking for answers.

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Took my dog in for teeth cleaning. Got a call while he's under anesthesia saying he needed three teeth extracted and would be nearly $400 -- after accounting for the additional anesthesia, sutures, and everything else they could think of. Of course, people are in pure panic mode when they hear this so are apt to say yes. What's the point of the expensive monthly insurance I'm paying? Ten out of 12 months, nothing is happening except getting charged. Then when I need something like this, they spring it on you. I'm cancelling the service right now. I would highly advise for pet owners to look elsewhere. Banfield is evidently a corporate culture eager to upsell and put pet owners under duress to get maximum dollars. That's why they earn nearly one billion per year in revenues.

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How do I know I can trust these reviews about Banfield Pet Hospital? My dog had his teeth cleaned at Banfield last year. He has had check-ups since. He went in for his annual cleaning and I was quoted a price for tooth extractions. 6 hours later they inform me that he needs to have 8 teeth extracted. That's 8 – eight teeth removed. Why wasn't this noticed in his previous exams. This is a scam! They always up charge every time. I WILL NOT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP. BE VERY CAUTIOUS.

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The wellness plans at Banfield are a total rip-off. They state in the brochure that anesthesia and radiographs will be covered in your plan. This is totally misleading and false advertising. Anesthesia is only covered for "preventative" surgeries which according to them ONLY includes dental cleaning. You will be responsible to cover the cost of any other anesthesia which runs around $400. You also only receive 1 radiograph test per year.

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