Ball launcher toys are a great way to do this.

FIG. 5 is also a cross-section of the ball launcher of FIGS. 3 and 4, in which the rotatable sleeve has been rotated from its position depicted in FIG. 4 to a position in which a hole in the sleeve is aligned with a ball to allow the ball to pass through the hole and into the sleeve for introduction to the well in accordance with one embodiment;

Each launcher is designed to handle balls with increments of 1/10” or larger.

The Fetch-O-Matic ball launcher is the third and best version yet of this configuration. It will launch a tennis ball through the air about 25 feet with enough velocity to bounce and roll on for another 20–30 feet. It runs on 12–18 volts DC, so cordless drill batteries are an ideal rechargeable power source.

considerations for ping pong balls as the object being launched

The Fusion Ball Launcher is available after  is completed on the  and . Just received our first Chuckit! launcher and ultra balls. Our English Golden Retrievers LOVE IT! They brought the balls back for reloading time and time again. Adding to our collection with some of your other great toys. Thanks!

Comments about Mega Balloon and Ball Launcher:

The very first rapid prototype of the ball recess. We attached this part to a standard ball launcher to test the diameter of the opening to ensure the ball fit perfectly for picking up and launching.

Comments about Mega Balloon and Ball Launcher:

Go Dog Go G4 & JUNIOR Fetch Machine - The World’s Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. GoDogGo is the World’s First Fetch Machine & Original, Award-Winning Automatic Dog Ball Thrower. Designed specifically for dogs to allow for various forms of independent fetch or owner-controlled play with remote when desired. On demand Fetch Machine works with various balls sizes, styles & brands of dog fetch balls.If the X Games had a Fetch event, the HyperDog Ball Launcher would certainly be canine owners' competition implement of choice. Designed to slingshot tennis balls over 200 feet laterally, the next step up from this behemoth specimen of point-and-shoot would be a tennis ball . I'm not sure how many dogs are even out there who wouldn't tell their owners to pound sand after playing just one round of this grueling variation on their otherwise-favorite outdoor activity. Understandably too, given that human energy expenditure in the ball launcher fetch collaboration is basically zero. With the HyperDog, we don't have to rotate our shoulders, flick our wrists, or even bend over to pick up the ball.Once the frac is flushed, the remote valve is opened to allow the ball to enter the frac stream. Positive pressure is applied through the pump-in sub for a few minutes. The remote valve is then shut. Frac of the next zone commences with the launched ball located in the pad fluid.HyperDog Ball Launchers have solid steel frames covered in a baked-on rust- and chip-resistant coating. Surgical grade tubing gives balls their wicked power and trajectory.