Green N Pack were five cents per bag and are billed as biodegradable.

Paul Houlihan, spokesman for the Sandwich Green Coalition, explains the environmental hazards of single-use plastic bags to the board of health on Monday night. The board later that night voted unanimously to ban non-biodegradable shopping bags beginning November 28, 2017.

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May 31, 2017 - Cool Board for Cheap Bags On Board Refills Bulk and bags on board not biodegradable The little roll folks are on board also as there is no longer any mention of biodegradable. I guess their bags finally got on board with the rulings of the Federal Trade Commission.

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Board member Peter Hoyt agreed that the biodegradable bags follow the intent of the bylaw but he wanted to know how long it takes for them to break down.This plain, brown bag is made of Mater-Bi, the first completely biodegradable and compostable bio-polymer, invented by the Italian research company Novamont. It’s made from “renewable raw materials of agricultural origin” and from non-genetically modified starch. This bioplastic also reduces gas emissions and the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources. As it biodegrades, it doesn’t release pollutants. Plus, it’s packaged in recyclable cardboard. The city of San Francisco (home of Dogster HQ) selected this brand (in kitchen bag form) to promote its residential food waste collection program, delivering more than 100,000 rolls of BioBags to residents within the county to help raise awareness about diverting food and other biodegradable waste away from landfills.