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This water carrier has a simple design and can hold much more than your average bottle. It fits comfortably on your back, and is lightweight and durable. This backpack makes drinking water easy with its extended mouth hose. You barely have to turn your head to get a drink. This is the type of design that most marines and soldiers use during physical training so it doesn’t hinder maneuverability or add a lot of weight. With your water on your back, the weight is dispersed evenly so there are no issues with balance. Bonus perk: There are plenty of roomy pockets for storage, which are especially handy during overnight runs or ultra-marathons.

Airsoft Military Molle Hiking Climbing Hydration Carrier Backpack Water Pack OD

US Military Molle 100 oz 3 Liter Hydration Water Carrier Backpack with Bladder (Foliage Green) >>> Read more reviews of the product by visiting the link on the image.

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US Military Molle 100 oz 3 Liter Hydration Carrier Backpack w/ Water Bladder The primary drawback to rigid bottles is they don't pack well with other objects and they are heavy for the amount of water they carry. Let's consider several exmples: a standard 1-liter Nalgene weighs 6.2 ounces, a 40 fl. oz. (1.18 liter) Kleen Kanteen weighs 9.4 ounces, and the 1 liter MSR Alpine Bottle weighs 10.4 ounces. I believe these rigid bottles are too heavy and too bulky for most multi-day overnight trips; three empty one liter Nalgene bottles weigh more than a pound and consume more than three liters of your backpack when empty!!

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The polyurethane lined MSR Dromedary sack makes hauling water easier and less miserable than with any other bottle or bladder we've tested. MSR offers two types of droms: the Dromedary uses a 500-denier nylon that's nearly as durable as an expedition style . The uses a lighter 200 denier fabric that's better for weight conscious applications like hiking and climbing. I've used both of these extensively over the past nine years and prefer the Dromedary in its 10 liter size for basecamping and car camping. I prefer the DromLite in the 4 liter size and use it as my go to water storage vessel for nearly all three-season outdoor trips from a day hike to multi-day climbs, and backpacking. Bring able to carry 4 liters of water in something that ultra packable, highly durable, and only weighs 5 oz. is revolutionary. There are drawbacks to Droms, of course: you can't drink out of them as easily as a rigid water bottle and they aren't suitable for winter use, but these limitations are trivial compared their benefits. For more information see the review.

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