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Toddler play yards have no base like a normal baby play pen. If you place the super play yard outside or on hard floor surfaces you will need a large play mat your baby or toddler.


It can be confusing about what exactly is the ideal product for your child. For instance, baby’s playpens and a baby play yard seem very similar; however they do have their differences. A playpen is designed as a pen to enclose a child within a small space. They are very useful if you are busy and need to place the child in a safe environment where you do not have to keep your constant attention on them to ensure they do not get hurt. A play yard is a much larger space where your child can play, which is ideal if you have more than one child and you want them to interact together. Play yards allow you to place a few items for your child to play with and are typically used for toddlers. A play yard is essentially a large baby playpen. Both are great places where your child can stay while you complete tasks such as cooking, gardening or chatting to friends.

Find extra large baby playpen at Target.

... Big Play Yard Playpen Child Toddler Baby Pet Dog Enclosure Gate Large • Fabric Baby Playpen - keep baby safe & secure whilst providing a large play area
• Crafted in beautiful, durable polycotton
• Thick padded, fitted floor …

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This large baby playpen really is designed for play, as it includes an activity panel that will allow your child to make the play pen their home. I thought this was awesome.

Find large baby play pen at Target.