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Best Play Yard Gate. This style of gate is designed to keep baby in, not out of an area. Set up in a hexagon (or octagon), play yard gates are best for babies who aren’t walking but in the cute sitting there and crawling phase. Once a baby can stand, they may be able to exert enough pressure to push over a play yard gate.

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Then on both sides of the TV stand are toy boxes, so they cover the chords and he can't get close enough to the TV or stand to hurt himself or the TV.... it doesn't look super great, but it keeps him away. I've seen people buy those octagon baby gate type pens they have and put those around the TV stand to keep the babies away too.

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See all the different aspects of the best baby gate octagon to make good decision. We got the squishy covers for about $20 at BRU, it covers the whole bottom part, then since ours is pretty jagged rock I bought some of those squishy mats that go together and put them around the bottom. It cost about $30 to do the whole thing. We had the octagon baby gate thing but ours doesn't bolt to the wall so dd would just pull it over every time she went near it.

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Technically an octagon baby gate is actually any 4 boards that connect to create an octagon, yet that is actually a really actual analysis. Actually when you seek octagon baby gate what you find are actually actually all varieties, hexagon baby gate, enclosed child playpens, actually everything that offers a safe encased space for your kid to play in, because that’s definitely everything counts. The point is that it’s a freestanding closed room.

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Unlike many other baby gates, this one is self-contained. Its octagonal shape gives babies adequate room to run around and play without getting into too much trouble. Parents can bring this gate outside, to protect babies from traffic and other outdoor dangers while they enjoy the sun. I actually really wanted to find an old-school playpen for my youngest because we moved into an old house isn’t very conducive to baby gates (we’ve got odd-sized arches and weird old-fashioned moldings and all sorts of stuff that don’t work with most baby gates). I wanted a nice-sized square one with mesh walls and a padded bottom. But, all I could find were pack and plays (which are about half the size of a traditional playpen, if that) or those plastic play yards that you use to build a big hexagon or octagon around your child and that sit directly on the floor.