Custom Made Saloon Style Rustic Barn Door Baby gate.. That's cool

But before you run out and by any baby gate with a pet door, be sure to avoid any gates that are made from wood. If your puppy dog loves to chew then his sharp teeth will quickly shred a wooden baby gate to pieces, leaving behind some nasty splinters that you don’t want your baby to touch.

Dutch Door DIY Plans Barn door Baby or Pet gate, with the option to close the full door!

In addition to hardware- or pressure-mounted options, baby gates also come in three other categories: swing through (a gate door that swings open), step over (no gate door, have to climb over), and those built specifically to be used on stairs.

Barn door baby gate made by my handy husband

DIY Barn Door Baby Gate (Plans and photos!). Great possibility for MB stairwell I LOVE this idea! The layout of your home is identical to mine, we have pocketed doors too.
Exactly as your stairway etc. So I was curious if it wasn’t too much to ask for the measurements of your “baby gate” and a copy cat list of all materials? Prettttyyy please!! lol

barn door baby gate - Bing Images

A few notes about pets… if you have a small pet that you don’t want to keep out of gated areas, you can get a gate with a pet door that will allow small pets to pass through while keeping small humans out. I wish I could say the same for bigger dogs, but sadly, if your bigger dog could get through, then so could your baby.

Free Barn Door Baby Gate Plans! #barn_door #baby_gate #pet_gate

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