How to Feed Baby Birds Cat Food

Weighing Baby Birds
Weigh young birds every morning when their crops are empty. Record each bird’s weight and the amount of food at each feeding. This information makes the weaning process much less stressful for the chick and for you. Reviewing these records will tell you if it is safe to stop hand-feeding a chick and allow the chick to become food-independent. When the chick progresses to only two hand-feedings a day, it will peak in weight and then begin to lose weight. After fledging, the chick will regain some of the lost weight, and then its weight stabilizes.

Making Food for baby birds

Q. How do baby robins eat?
A. For the first four days of a nestling's life, the parent birds regurgitate partly digested food into each baby's mouth. By five days of age, the nestlings get earthworms that parents break into small mouthfuls. The babies eat more each day. Soon parents give them whole worms and large insects. Each young robin may eat 14 feet of earthworms in a two-week nest life—and worms are not even their main food!

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Parent birds will biologically respond to their baby birds food calls and will locate their young to feed them. If you don't hear back from the rehabber within two hours, and the bird can stand, you can put a small, stable, shallow container like a baby food jar lid with plain water in it with an adult bird. Songbirds don't need much water. Check periodically to make sure the bird has not dumped the water and gotten its feathers wet. Remove liquids at night - a night with wet feathers could kill an already weakened bird.

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Baby birds eat often and require excellent nutrition to develop normally. Start with an instant baby bird formula specially developed for wild birds. This can be purchased online or at your local pet supplies store. If you have an insect-eating bird, add protein such as hard-boiled egg yolk and/or kitten chow soaked in water until moist. Until you can obtain this formula, a temporary supplement can be made at home by mixing softened cat or dog food with rice cereal for infants.

What Is the Best Food for Baby Birds?

This backyard scene will please just about everyone: A nest of softly piping baby birds, their broad beaks and naked heads turned upward, poised for food. As your backyard brood grows, minimize disturbances to the nest and enjoy watching from a safe distance with a pair of binoculars.Harrison's Juvenile Bird Feeding Formula (available from some veterinarians) or Kaytee EXACT "Formulas for Baby Birds", including mynas. Watch for iron rich foods with mynas since this is toxic to them.