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Labrador Retrievers do well in leather or synthetic collars, and require a sturdy lead with solid hardware. Waterproof collars may be a good idea for a Lab who spends much of his time as a wet dog. The breed’s average neck size is 18” – 24”. See our Sport Dog Collars and for collar ideas for Labs.

Pyrador - a cross breed, large dog with a typical lifespan of 12 years, and weight of 85 lbs

Although Labrador Retrievers are a larger breed of dog, it’s important to remember that they still should only get to around 80 pounds on the higher end for males and 70 pounds for the females. Many people are tempted to feed their Retriever like they’re another person in the home, but keep in mind that even an adult Retriever is typically just half the size of an average adult human.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Discover facts and personality traits about the Labrador retriever dog breed Labrador Retrievers are categorized as a mid-large size dog, in terms of average breed size boundaries. Though there can be some significant variances in the full-grown weight of a Labrador Retriever, most healthy Labradors are very similar in weight and height. However, there can be as much as a 10-20 pound difference in a Labrador’s weight, depending on the gender.

The ears are medium in size, hanging down and pendant in shape

Just as people come in different shapes and sizes, so do Labrador Retrievers. This affable breed is prone to dwarfism, which results in dogs who are smaller than average. Male labs have a shoulder height of 56-57 centimeters and females 54-56 centimeters. Males with a shoulder height of less than 55 centimeters and females with a height less than 50 centimeters are considered to be dwarfs. Dwarfism has several different causes and may or may not require medical intervention and treatment. Though just as lovable as their taller counterparts, small lab puppies should be monitored for dwarfism, so they get any help they need to live a long and happy life.

Shedding: Labrador Retrievers are considered average shedders