The Feed Smart Automatic Feeder comes in two sizes, the large size has a 500-550 lb. hopper and the Feed Smart Jr. holds about 300-350 lbs. of pellets or other dry feed, with a hopper design capable of dispensing its contents, even if you don’t fill it up.

Dogs Cats Automatic Feeder Puppy Kitty Pet Water Drinker Dispenser Dish Bowl

The WiFi automatic cat feeder is quite an attractive product. It allows you to control the feeding of your cat without having to stay at home. You may schedule up to 5 meals in the day. It is also possible to make sure that you feed your cat as per your time even though you are staying away from your place. This automatic cat feeder comes with camera, microphone, and speaker that will allow you to watch your cats or talk to them while you are away. You can basically have your lunch with your pet. The WiFi connectivity will let you control the feeder remotely and even check status any time.


Rat Proof Chicken Feeder, Treadle Feeder, Automatic Feeder, exterior version Automatic feeders also can be used in refeeding a horse that is recuperating from surgery, injury, or illness. These horses need heightened nutrition to repair their bodies, and small, frequent meals are the best way to get them back to health.

Very important facts you should know about automatic feeders.

Aside from the health benefits for horses, automatic feeders can benefit one-person stables as an alternative to hiring someone to feed in their absence who may or may not show up or follow feeding instructions.


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