The pros hit the atomic balls farthest.

In 1952, Corey and Pauling published a description of of and other that they had been building at . Their models represented atoms by faceted hardwood balls, painted in different bright colors to indicate the respective chemical elements. Their color schema included

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Stu Iverson, manager of AECL's radiation application, said that although the scientists call their golf balls atomic, there is nothing radioactive about them.

Final last performance of The Bellfuries and last Atomic Ball show.

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Atomic Ball: 15 Pound Honed Granite Sphere

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Atomic Ball 75 Pounds: Honed Smooth

Atomic Fireballs were brought to us by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, which is the best candy company because they also invented Lemonheads. If you make a super spicy candy and a super sour candy you're aces in my book.OK, so Atomic Fireballs are like a hot pepper in your mouth, great. But now the question is which hot pepper? Jalapeño vs. habanero is a pretty big thing if you're going to talk about this at your next cocktail/candy party.The thing that interests me about Atomic Fireballs, though, is how damn spicy they are. But cinnamon isn't that spicy, is it? Bear with me science-wise for a second, then we'll get to the secret answer.Anyway, now you can tell all your friends that Atomic Fireballs are just hot peppers with cinnamon sticks and sugar inside. If that doesn't make you want to of them on Amazon, I'm not sure what will. Luckily, Ferrara is kind enough to let us know that Atomic Fireballs are 3500 on the Scoville scale, a scale that's used for measuring the spiciness of peppers. You pop on over to and see that they're in a respectable cayenne neighborhood; well above Jalapeños but not quite up to bird's eye chili strength.
The ATOMIC BALL CLEANER gets between the ball's surface and the dirt, grease, and grime and lifts it off of the ball. The ball returns to a tacky feel, as ALL of the lane oil has been removed from the surface, resulting in more strikes per game and higher scores. You do want higher scores don't you.