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This store was created to provide the Red Arrow family an opportunity to show its RAC pride in a unique way while supporting the mission of the Charles M. Boesel Scholarship Fund. We offer a variety of clothing and gift options for the entire family and new selections will be added from time to time.

This command will make the iTunes Store arrows turn to your iTunes Library instead, this should be the default setting IMO:

Welcome to the Ford UAW Apparel Store, brought to you by Arrow Uniform. Please click on the appropriate link to access your site. If you need assistance with your username or password, please contact your account manager.

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Arrow Acres Online Farm Store Arrow Liquormart is the Selection, Service and Savings destination for all your liquor needs. Our liquor store has 12,000 square feet of floor space and stocks a full inventory selection of over 3000 wines, 1500 liquors and 1000 beer selections to choose from.

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Indeed, Arrow is the direct descendent of Intoto in Uptown, long the Twin Cities’ most exclusive designer store. Arrow owners Sarah Dwyer and Michael Basham worked together at Intoto and inherited the store’s database of elite Twin Cities shoppers—the retail equivalent of getting all the answers to the test in advance. Familiar faces have been streaming into Arrow since day one, but Basham says new ones are coming in too, ranging from MCAD students to philanthropists in their 80s.

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One of the apprehensions while designing this store was to direct the customers to the basement floor, as going by past learning’s from brand patrons we observed that walk-ins reduce for a cellar. This was solved by creating a staircase landing area with mirrors at an inclined angle, so that the basement floor is visible from outside the store and the entrance. Moreover, the stairs are lit guiding customers to the floor downstairs with Arrow’s heritage ads displayed on the walls romanticizing the brand’s past.The Arrow New York section has been done in black and white which is modern and edgy, with minimal props giving it a contemporary feel. To give the customer a space to relax and browse through the collection, a Lounge area has been created in the basement, maintaining the sophisticated look of the section. The lighting has been kept subdued here and the seating minimal and comfortable. The store is truly a blend of the brand’s rich heritage and its modern face.The store concept is divided into 2 broad section – appealing to distinct customer profiles. The Arrow Formals & Arrow Sport section in the basement id designed for the sophisticated and matured audience who has a refined taste and seeks perfection and exclusivity. The Arrow New York section has a collection for both men and women – appealing to the young audience, who is fashion conscious, follows international styles, is Experimentative and is a trendsetter.You may have noticed that when you select a song in iTunes a little arrow will appear next to the song name, the artist, album, genre, and every other sort category. If you happen to click on that little arrow, you’ll be directed to the iTunes Store for that album or artist. I’m really not a big fan of these arrows, I never use them and I think the store link is kind of annoying since the button can be accidentally clicked.