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If the symptoms are caused by an allergy, a properly implemented elimination diet will also eliminate the symptoms. Once this has occurred additional ingredients will be slowly added into the diet until the allergen is identified. During this time, it is essential to ensure your dog does not ingest anything other than the ingredients chosen for the elimination diet. Although an unflavored Nylabone may give your allergic dog a relatively safe chewing experience, flavored Nylabones may cause symptoms to flare. A single treat of any kind that includes the allergen can cause the allergy to resurface.

Feb 8, 2009 - Does anyone have more feedback these edible Nylabones? Are they safe?

There are no preservatives or fake ingredients and the bone’s nutrients are easy to digest. Clinical tests were done on the Nylabone Nutri Dent Dog Treat Dental Bones and it was found that they work more effectively than simple brushing. The power used to make the chews is also environmental; the factories are powered by sustainable solar energy. It’s also made in the USA.

Nylabone Warning: Are Nylabone Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

Nylabone Healthy Edibles are an excellent small chew designed for dogs up to 20 lbs Oh, and unless you're on some primal type diet yourself, that excludes grains, I almost guarantee that you *do* eat most of the ingredients in those edible nylabones on a daily basis. Not that I recommend feeding them, but then that's precisely because I subscribe to the belief that my dog should only eat what I would eat. Wheat and rice might be ok for me, but they aren't something I'm going to purposefully feed my dog if I have a choice.

Jan 20, 2009 - Daisy is almost 5 months and majorly teething

You need to go to a veterinary clinic immediately anytime you suspect that your dog has eaten part of a Nylabone. Nylabones are not meant for consumption; your dog may have a problem digesting it which could lead to further problems.

Yes they are "edible" but not the best thing for your dog

I believe the packages say to supervise and remove if you observe larger pieces. I wouldn't suggest leaving Daisy with the one unless you are there to pick it up if she breaks off a big piece. She could choke or it could cause an obstruction. Some of the Nylabones are "edibles", others are made of nylon and probably will not break down in the stomach. Sharp edges where she's chewed could be worrisome too.

So, throw away the one with the end missing.

You can buy edible nylabone treats and/or get a "tough chewer" Nylabone.

Our favorite chewie (a little expensive) are bully sticks. They stink... a lot... but they are digestible, good for the teeth and a blessing when the adult dog teeth start to come in.

Daisy may like some ice cubes too, or a cloth icie (small piece of cloth, rolled like a hotdog, put in a sandwich baggie, add water to bag, seal and freeze). Her new teeth will not be as sharp, but her gums will be sore for a while.However, despite the fact that they have earned the praise of dog owners the world over, it is important to note that Nylabone dog chews are not as safe as they are made out to be. In fact, the company has received dozens of complaints from angry dog owners whose dogs have died as a result of chewing either edible or non-edible Nylabones.