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Are all birds edible? What about raccoons? What other urban / suburban animals are edible?

Edible bird’s nests are made by the salvia of the edible nest and the saliva is produced by the glands under the tongue. Swiftlets are small birds usually found in . The swiftlift lives in dark caves and similar to bats use echolocation to move around. Instead of twigs and straw, the swiftlet makes it’s nest from strands of it’s own gummy saliva which hardens when exposed to air.

Eggs | Eat The Weeds and other things, too

Are all birds edible? Swiftlets are insectivores; and being the most abundant prey. Typically, they leave the cave during the day to forage and return to their roost at night. Males and females look similar; as usual in such cases, these birds are monogamous and both partners take part in caring for the nestlings. Males perform aerial displays to attract females and mating occurs at the nest. The breeding season overlaps the wet season, which corresponds to an increased insect population. Clutch size depends on the location and the food source, but it is generally not large; swiftlets lay 1 to 2 eggs. The eggs are a dull white color and are laid every other day. Many if not all species are nesters; some build their nests in high, dark corners on cave walls. Swiftlets in temperate zones do migrate, but most swiftlets live in the tropical region and do not migrate. These birds usually remain in one cave or other roosting/nesting site. Some examples of caves include the Niah Caves at Niah National Park & which are all located in , .

Nearly all bird eggs are edible, and at any state of incubation

If you find a nest out in the wild that has eggs in it, take a few, but not all. The bird will see the less number of eggs and lay more, thus providing you your ultimate regular egg source. This is an easy way to procure some food out in the wilderness. (Birds aren't the only animals that lay edible eggs -- a number of reptiles like alligators and large lizards and a number of snakes have edible eggs, as do larger turtles -- though currently turtles are protected, so unless you're in a survival emergency, don't mess with turtle eggs.) 1. Game birds are birds that can be hunted and harvested for food. The top 10 game birds include Doves, Ducks, Geese, Woodcocks, Wild Turkeys, Snipes, Quail, Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse.

Just make sure you cook it well in case it has some sickness