Market Name: Char Scientific Name: Salvelinus alpinus

Arctic char has a rich taste with combined flavor notes of trout and salmon. The deep poaching method is seldom used but is a great, healthy way to prepare fish!

I love arctic char – such a lovely recipe – so flavorful, simple and elegant!

“Arctic char is a beautiful fish – it’s flavor is like a cross between salmon and trout, mild yet still flavorful. This is a great winter recipe that melds the flavor of the fish with the heartier potatoes, sweet cabbage, and smoky bacon.” – Chef Mac Arrington

Common Name: Arctic char, alpine trout, alpine char, sea trout

We adore arctic char. It has a great flavor and I can see how it would nicely pair with kale pesto. I’m adding that wine to my list to try. Though often compared with salmon or trout, Arctic Char is a distinctly unique fish, with delicate, light pink flesh. Its succulent texture is very tender and has an elegant, mildly sweet flavor. It consistently receives rave reviews from those who try it.

Arctic Char - Seattle Fish of NM

This was great, healthy and VERY easy, especially when using Trader Joe's packaged/steamed lentils. I make lentils with salmon or arctic char frequently, and this is a nice variation on flavors and extremely fast. I will absolutely make this again.

Char, Nunavut Arctic - Fortune Fish

Arctic Char is highly regarded in the culinary community and adapts well to a variety of cooking methods that would be applied to both salmon and trout: baked, broiled, grilled or pan-seared. Arctic Char has a light but distinct flavor and should be allowed to stand on its own, so application of light seasonings and sauces is recommended.Market Description: Arctic char is one of those great species that boasts a fantastically exotic moniker, a very un-intimidating usability, and a flavor profile that is very friendly to both seafood aficionados and non-fish eaters alike. Taste-wise, Arctic Char is said to combine the delicious flavors of Brook Trout and Salmon, thus recipes calling for Arctic Char adapt well to both Salmon and Trout.Market Name: Char
Scientific Name: Salvelinus alpinus
Common Name: Arctic char, alpine trout, alpine char, sea trout
Flavor: Mild/Moderate
Texture: Medium/Firm