Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges, Large, Pack of 6.

Ensure optimal Aqueon QuietFlow power filter performance with monthly media changes. Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridges - Large were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Patented dual-sided replaceable cartridges feature dense floss...

Canister filters are best for larger aquariums with larger/dirty fish like Cichlids, Koi or saltwater and plant aquariums.

If you have large, dirty fish, you need a filter with more mechanical capability. If your aquarium is heavily stocked, more biological capacity is called for. And if you need absolutely pristine water, good chemical filtration is a priority. No matter what type of filter you choose, always put quality over price, as good filters will last longer and out-perform cheap filters, and your fishes’ lives depend on it! Also, always buy a filter that’s rated at least one size larger than your aquarium to make sure it can keep up with whatever you throw at it.

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For use in Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Filters:AT10 - Mini: 1 small' AT15 - Small: 2 small' AT30 - Medium: 1 largeAT40 - Large: 2 large The Canister filter is the most popular option for larger aquariums (40 gallons or larger.) Although, you can find them for smaller aquariums as well.

Ken's Cartridge For Aqueon Filters (Replaces OEM Size Large)

Includes: Aquarium filter & 1 filter cartridge* (Power Filter 75 includes 2 large cartridges) *Cartridges should be replaced when water begins to enter the filter bypass and/or the cartridge becomes clogged (usually every 4-6 weeks). Additional cartridges sold separately.

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Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridge The Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridge is designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. This filter cartridge helps to .enhance water quality and clarity, and increase oxygen levels with minimum noise. This patented Aqueon dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges offer over 25% more activated carbon than the leading brands and have been designed to ensure even distribution of carbon throughout. Features: Ready-to-use, preassembled filter cartridges install in seconds Helps create crystal-clear, healthy water Patented dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges filter out more particles and debris Cartridges contain more activated carbon to remove toxic impurities, odors and discoloration For best results replace cartridge every 4-6 weeks Remove cover from filter Remove used cartridge from bio-holster by pushing down gently on the holster and pulling the tab on the cartridge upwards Rinse new cartridge under cold water to remove carbon dust Insert new cartridge into bio-holster by aligning the key slot on the cartridge with the key slot on the biological grid Replace cover on filter Cartridges should be replaced every 4-6 weeks Item Specifications: Size: Medium LargeAqueon Filter Cartridge Large were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Our patented designs include unique features to enhance water quality and clarity, increase oxygen levels and lessen noise.Aqueon Internal Filter unboxing and Review. In this video we take a look at what's in the Aqueon Internal Filter box. You will see the filter running in the tank and how easy it is to clean. We are very happy with this Aqueon quietflow internal filter and would highly recommend it. It's available for tanks as small as 10 gallon and up to tanks as large as 40 gallons.

Aqueon Internal Filter

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* Disclaimer ~ This video is not sponsored in any way, however the links above are affiliate links.Canister filters are usually used on larger aquariums or by advanced hobbyists, although they are also well-suited to the average 20 gallon aquarium. They can be loaded with whatever media you choose, and hold much more media than comparable HOB’s. They’re usually a little more expensive and require more work (and time) to clean than HOB’s, but the beauty is they can go much longer in between cleanings.