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Finding a perch high in the terrarium to serve as the center of his territory, one male green anole lizard can easily control a harem of four or five females. His mating display — bobbing his head up and down and displaying his bright pink dewlap — actually induces ovulation in mature females, including those still carrying sperm from the previous year.

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I currently have a 30gallon regular aquarium that I have set up as a terrarium. I do not have any creatures in there, but will obtain an green bahaman anole I am taking second-hand from a friend.

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Terrarium voor Anolis garmani (Robert Hoogveld) Tags: anole terrarium anoles anolis Anoles are quick and agile, so care should be taken when opening the terrarium. Sudden movements may cause them to flee, and they can be difficult to catch. Keep a net handy, as anoles often drop their tails when grabbed forcefully.

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Green anoles prefer moderately high humidity levels, but air circulation is important and the tank should be allowed to dry out as well. The terrarium should be misted twice daily, and a will ensure adequate ventilation. Anoles will often drink from drops that form when misting, although a should also be provided.

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Once males and females are established in a terrarium, they will be quick to breed. Around two weeks after mating, one or two eggs will be laid. Provide a warm and damp compost like soil for the female to lay her eggs in. She will push them down with her nose. This area should be around the roots of climbing plants (e.g., phildendron). It is best to carefully move the eggs to an incubator, or the anoles might eat the hatchlings when they appear. When the small babies are born, they will need tiny micro-crickets (pin-heads) or fruit flies, preferably wingless. Females are smaller and have a white stripe down their backs. Males will be larger and have a red throat-fan (dewlap). Well if i was you i would put zip in a separate holding tank and thouroughly clean the whole terrarium to make sure the mold is gone. If it is on a wall or something i would still clean the whole terrarium but i would use the hottest water you can get to make sure that it is gone. I would suggest a chemical like bleach to kill it but i have never used that on anything in my anoles enclosure because i would never want to take the chance. No you do not need the heating pad. It is acrually not recomended for anoles. Just a 50 watt heat lamp will keep them warm if you have a nice basking spot. And be sure to have a UVB lamp too. I am not sure how to kill the molds without harming the plants. To keep the mold from coming back just make sure that the ventilation is not completly blocked and keep from totally soaking the substrate.