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The outstanding recipe of Almo Nature Kitten Holistic Dry Food- with a single, high-quality source of protein – is adapted especially to the requirements of kittens. Plenty of fresh chicken of delicious taste and high digestibility, green tea extract with cell-protecting polyphenols and alfalfa full of vital vitamins and minerals provide an excellent foundation for your kitten’s growth.

Jul 9, 2007 - The only slight issue is that Almo Nature only do kitten food in chicken flavour

So this is my review on Almo Nature canned cat food. Please note, this is not a complete and balanced diet, it is only used for supplemental feeding only. So do not only feed this to your cat, make sure he's also feeding a complete and balanced diet be it kibble (I prefer high quality and grain free such as Acana) or other canned that is a balanced meal.
I love this cat food alot! I highly recommend it for people who want to give their cat some canned food along with dry so that they can get more water intake. It works well for cats who may get bored with certain foods as there is so many different varieties. What I do with my cats is that they have dry food out for them (Acana) and with George (the maine coon in the video), I give him some canned everyday as well so that he has some more water intake as it is pretty expensive to just feed purely canned but I want my cat to have more water intake. My other cats aren't too fond of certain wet foods and prefer their kibble though I try to offer wet food when I can. One, my 7 year old, will only eat it every now and then.
It comes in many different flavours such as tuna, chicken breast, salmon, mackerel, chicken drumstick, mixed seafood (clams, squid, shrimp and whitefish), chicken and pumpkin, salmon with carrots, salmon and chicken, tina and whitebait, tuna with cheese, tuna with shrimps, tuna and chicken, trout and tuna, chicken with shrimps, and chicken with cheese. So tons of variety to try with your kitties :) My cat loves them all but seems to not eat the shrimp out of the ones with shrimp in them.

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Wet Food: Almo Nature, Applaws, or Bozita

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Formerly (at times of Mickey), I did not pay the same attention tothe food.

On Cacoune arrival : milk and Royal Canin Kitten
On Roméo arrival : Royal Canin Kitten and Almo Nature (dry and wetfood for kitten)
On Calypso arrival : Royal Canin Kitten, Eagle Pack then Husse andAlmo Nature (dry and wet food for kitten)

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