Panacea definition, a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all

Two other Pans were and . Both were the sons of Hermes, Agreus' mother being the nymph Sose, a prophetess: he inherited his mother's gift of prophecy, and was also a skilled hunter. Nomios' mother was Penelope (not the same as the wife of Odysseus). He was an excellent shepherd, seducer of nymphs, and musician upon the shepherd's pipes. Most of the mythological stories about Pan are actually about Nomios, not the god Pan. Although, Agreus and Nomios could have been two different aspects of the prime Pan, reflecting his dual nature as both a wise prophet and a lustful beast.

His faith in it as a panacea for all political trouble was as strong as ever.

The call was used during the urgent emergency landing requests sent as a result of the which was to destroy in September 1998. Also, in the wake of , the call is frequently used to denote situations where fuel is getting low for given conditions, but not yet at a critical emergency state. Qantas Flight QF-74 used the call "Pan Pan Pan" when it had an engine failure on its fourth engine soon after take off from San Francisco. (QF-72) issued a pan-pan when the aircraft experienced rapid, uncommanded movements in which the plane dropped several hundred feet without instruction from the flight crew. Several passengers and crew suffered major and minor injuries, and so the call was upgraded to "mayday".

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Then rest is sought for—rest is looked for as the panacea for all evils. The central government has introduced a new online service called "Know Your PAN" to verify or validate new and existing PAN numbers.

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• If your All-Clad is left on extremely high heat for an extended period of time or left empty on a heated burner.
• If your All-Clad Nonstick is cleaned in the dishwasher.
• If metal utensils are used on the nonstick cooking surface.
• If you use scouring pads, steel wool, abrasive cleansers, bleach and/or oven cleaners.
• Salt usage may cause pitting to the stainless steel interior. To avoid salt damage, do not add salt to your food until the liquid begins to boil. Please note that the salt pitting will not interfere with the cooking performance of the pan, only its appearance.

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Called the , the 15″ skillet is the Swiss Army Knife for your breakfast routine. In one pan, you can cook eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, and pancakes. Talk about efficient.This pan is beyond incredible. As a mother of 2, I can’t begin to describe the amount of time and effort saved by using this pan. What’s great is how well the heat gets distributed between all of the different sections. It’s great because now my teenage son started to cook with me in the kitchen since the pan is so easy to use. Definitely going to buy more of these as Christmas presents this year. -cc7