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Flea-eX is an all-natural flea & tick spray for cats. Go natural and avoid the harsh side-effects of traditional flea treatments – with quicker results! This proprietary formula is made from plant extracts that attack fleas on contact. Can be used on pets, furniture and outdoor areas. 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive. Human, plant and animal friendly.

Natural FLEA & TICK dogs have not had fleas all summer and I only used this spray once!!

Flea and Tick Pet Spray Aromatherapy Recipe - Your beloved pets are an important part of your family so care for them using all natural sprays to keep them flea and tick free. Mix the following oils in a spray bottle with 500mL water. Spray around your pet’s bedding and directly onto your pet’s coat, avoiding the eyes and mouth. If your pet has a tick, apply Tea Tree directly onto the tick to help remove it, then go straight to the vet. Eucalyptus/Cedarwood 3, Lavender 3, Tea Tree 4

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Natural FLEA & TICK dogs have not had fleas all summer and I only used this spray once!! Plenty of them can rid your yard of fleas, ticks, and other insects, but many contain chemicals that are bad for pets and small children. Remember, your dog is low to the ground, where these products get applied. She also weighs less than you, so poison can affect her more. A pet that spends time on a sprayed lawn can spread chemicals to children through hugs or a shared bed. Even products that call themselves “natural” or have essential oils can hurt pets or kids.

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Holy Christmas, Batman!! Just tried Dawn dish soap (the blue one) on my 6 week old kitten to treat for fleas and it worked like a dream. The fleas couldn’t fall off fast enough! Simply our approximately one ounce of the soap into a kitchen or bath sink full of warm water, let it suds up and quickly dip the kitten in the soapy water. Be sure to rinse the soap off with warm water. Have a flea comb ready and quickly run the comb through the wet fur. Use an all natural flea spray on the kitten fur and continue to comb through it til all of the fleas have been removed. Be sure to kill the fleas or simply run the comb through water. Wash all of the bedding and be sure to use the spray on carpets, sofas and any other place the kitten uses for bedding down.

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Nowadays, it's not hard to find a wide array of natural shampoos, sprays, supplements, traps and much more. If you are wondering how to kill fleas naturally, visit our page on But, the homemade spray doesn't kill fleas on contact. It doesn't work like a pesticide. It is best used as a tool, along with other natural flea remedies to repel and get rid of fleas nturally. As you probably know, getting rid of fleas naturally requires a proactive approach!Did you know that many ingredients in your garden act as all-natural flea repellant? Steep lemon juice, witch hazel, water, and lavender together to make a simple spray that will help keep your pet flea-free and smelling fresh.There are hundreds of homemade flea repellent remedies out there on the Internet. Isn’t it nice to have products that you know are economical, as compared to the commercially available sprays and powders that are often toxic? However, you must be careful and ensure that the homemade flea repellent being used is also safe and effective. When it comes to repelling fleas off pets (and I mean birds, dogs, cats and fish), one might assume that all the natural and herbal ingredients are bound to be safe. However, many essential oils and herbal products are actually toxic to animals and sometimes even fatal. Always check with your vet if you have doubts about a product.