Jan 12, 2014 - This is the All Living Things Rat Cage

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This is the All Living Things Rat Cage. It is big enough for 2 male and 3 female rats.

While it might seem like a good idea to have wire floors so that pet waste falls through and your pet doesn't live next to their poop, serious damage can occur to a rat's feet if they have to stand on wire all of the time. Having their feet constantly pressed against wire can cause a painful condition called bumblefoot, where your rat's feet may swell and become infected. To prevent this condition, you should look for a cage that minimally has a solid surface floor. If you choose a cage that has wire shelves or ramps, you can cover some or all of them with a solid surface to help protect your rat's feet. You can use plastic laminate from the hardware store (commonly sold for kitchen floors) and cut it to size for shelf covers that you can wipe clean, use cut carpeting that you wash periodically, or cardboard that can be disposed of periodically.

All Living Things Multiple Level Cage? - Page 2 - The Rat Shack

the, All Living Things Small Animal Wood Cage. It goes for $ 53.99. I'd recommend for two rats only. Wood will stink and stain. This is a pet rat cage tour video I made. The cage is an All Living Things Small Animal Home I got from Petsmart. It houses two female dumbo rats that are around 2 months old in the video and their names are Huffle (Black Hooded) and Puffle (Black). I hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to comment below, like, and subscribe! More rat videos to come! Thanks for watching!

This is my rats' cage, the All Living Things multi-level cage

Because rats need big cages and this forum is here to educate people about THEIR rats so they have them in comfortable living conditions. Don't be so hostile. Don't come to a public forum and expect people not to comment about what you're posting, especially when it comes to the well being of animals.

All living things rat cage Large for sale in IL

My review on the All living Things Rat Starter Kit rat cage. I did forget to review the hammock that it came with- the hammock is very plasticy and rats don't seem to enjoy laying in it.

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LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE: I went to petsmart and bought this one for them instead (the other one was an old cage I had laying around) so I thought it was time for an upgrade/new cage. Its call the All Living Things Deluxe Rat Home or something like thats. Its a bit bigger then the first cage and has 3 levels and a base instead of 2 levels and a base. I looked into the Critter Nation and cannot afford that right now maybe next year. What do you think?