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Many morphs means you can essentially “customize” your bearded dragon to suit your personal aesthetics. With careful, selective breeding, bearded dragons have essentially become designer lizards.

It was then bred into all the other morphs to create a much stronger, healthier bearded dragon gene pool

Another morph is called “hypo” short for hypomelanistic. This simply means a reduced amount of melanin or black coloring. Many Bearded Dragons that have a light or pastel color will be sold as hypos. Those with almost no color and clear nails are often marketed as Leucistic.

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Nov 16, 2015 - After years of attention going away from Bearded dragon morphs, this patternless and easy to make morph has changed all of that for good. Hi Sally,
Congrats on your new beardie! You can start handling a new beardie a few days after you get one when they are starting to settle in. Make the experience fun for him by giving him his favorite foods like dubia roaches. You may even try giving him a bath in warm shallow water. Also, a great time to hold him is at night, because beardies tend to snuggle you for the heat and are less likely to run away. If they do try to run, they will probably just try to find a warm, comfortable spot to sleep and won’t go far. It’s normal for a young beardied dragon to be a bit skiddish, but he should get more comfortable the more often you handle him. To try to get him to eat his greens, you should offer chopped up turnip, mustard, or dandelion greens first thing in the morning before offering anything else. Spray the greens with water, because greens should be a good source of water for him. You may also mix in a small amount of finely chopped up carrots, cantaloupe, peaches, or other favorite fruit. If he is really hungry, he will start to eat some of the greens. When you do feed him insects like dubia roaches, mix them in with the greens too. Chances are he will eat some of greens too when he eats the insects. As your bearded dragon gets older and larger start offering less insects, but continue to offer greens everyday. He will get used to eating greens regularly as an adult. I hope this information helps, and your beardie starts eating more greens and has some fun outside his beautiful enclosure. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

This clip shows all of the bearded dragon species

Hi Liane,
This behavior can be normal if the bearded dragon is stressed out. Bearded dragons can get especially moody during some times of the year and if something is not right with their environment or health. You may try to bond with your beardie by feeding her favorite foods like dubia roaches when you see her acting this way. Bearded dragons tend to really like the people who feed them. If the behavior persists, you should have your beardie tested/treated for parasites as they are the most common health concern in beardies and can cause the behavior you’re describing. In the meantime, it’s a great idea to thoroughly clean out her enclosure and ensure the temps, lighting, and humidity is correct and she has at least a 40 gallon enclosure with plenty of places to hide and climb. Beardies can get stressed out if their home isn’t cleaned enough or something else isn’t right. Many bearded dragons start to go into brumation at this time of year and need some adjustments made to their environment like an hour less of light per day and lower temps. I really home this information helps and your beardie starts behaving more calmly.

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