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Occasionally, DVD releases have included faux newscasts as special features to illustrate the apocalyptic events featured in the film as if the viewer were seeing the actual news reports. Examples include , and the 2004 version of . Several early episodes of the 1980s TV series (about an alien invasion of earth) also began in faux-newscast style (featuring, like , a real-life journalist, in the case of , ) until this gimmick was abandoned.

We are happy to announce that former Type player Jin Shil Oh aka Real joined Alien Invasion!

Unfortunately they possess hidden advanced technologies they will use to make an alien invasion look real. I think the odd cloud formations (cities projected onto the clouds) are part of that fake invasion. They are also responsible for most of the UFO spottings all over the world.

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Guy is freaking over what looks like an Alien invasion. Looks pretty real to me "A supposed real grey alien caught on tape at the side of a road in California. Is this footage finally proof that grey aliens are visiting Earth? Has the alien invasion already begun? The man who filmed this video claimed he was driving his car at dusk, when he saw what he thought was a bear on the side of the road. After parking his car and getting out to investigate, a humanoid figure appeared to be standing in the woods. Immediately, the man pulled out his cell phone and began to film the strange and mysterious creature that many have claimed to be an alien. The creature fit all the characteristics and traits of what is known as a grey alien."


In the sci-fi thriller "War of the Worlds," Earthlings fight for survival against alien invaders. But is an obliterating attack from advanced, space faring armada just fantasy, or could it be a scenario based on hard science? In Alien Invasion, some of Americas top scientific experts come together to explore the effect on mankind that contact with an advanced alien race could have. Learn how astrophysicists, weapon designers, military strategists, biologists and anthropologists are gearing for a real alien invasion and the plan for mankind to fight back.

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Thousands of years after that, Jesus was born and lived on earth, exactly as the prophets had foretold it. God had come to earth to live among us—that was the real alien invasion. Jesus showed us who God is. But because of His work on the cross, we don’t need to be terrified of God. Have we thanked Him for the free gift of eternal life in Jesus?A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion takes boring pedometer programs and turns them on their head. A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion is an interactive web-based game where your employees’ real-world activity moves them across a virtual game board. The alien invasion film "Battle: Los Angeles," opening in theaters tomorrow (March 11), is clearly a work of fiction. But the marketing campaign behind the movie seems determined to ground it to reality by tying it to historical events — specifically, the World War II air raid false alarm that came to be known as the Battle of Los Angeles.Alien Invasion in real life VFX
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Alien Invasion Caught on tape, as military responds to invasion!