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In most cases, all of these snails will prefer to algae over other plants in your tank or mini-pond. However, if they run low or out of algae, then plants are probably fair game to them. There are fish species that are far better algae eaters, but as far as I know, none are goldfish compatible.

Here are the replacement parts for Algae Eating Black Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails.

Gold Inca Snails: A popular type of freshwater snails in pet store display tanks are . Gold Inca Snails can be good tank cleaners. Their bright yellow shells can add an accent color to a tank especially against green plants or a black background. Gold Inca Snails can be ferocious eaters. They are always on the prowl for a bite to eat and are very interested in soft algae buildup on hard surfaces. These freshwater snails also like supplements of bottom feeder tablets, pellets, fish flakes and algae wafers, as well as some types of blanched green vegetables. Some Gold Inca Snails may also be interested in eating live aquarium plants much to the chagrin of hobbyists.

Nerite Snails: Algae Eating, Care, Lifespan, Eggs - Video

GIANT COLUMBIAN RAMSHORN SNAIL SNAILS - ALGAE EATING - TROPICAL - CLEANS GRAVEL I have a 65 Gallon Freshwater planted tank that I am not looking for my cleanup crew. I have Rainbows and a rescued Glo lite Tetra in there now and growing brown algae. I am trying to decide between ramshorn snails (which did a great job on my 10 gallon), and cherry or amano shrimp. I hear mixed stories of what is good to use with Rainbows.

Their close relative, the apple snail, will also eat algae

Malaysian Trumpet Snail: digs around in substrate keeping it from going anaerobic, this keeps blue-green algae from popping up, mostly seen at night since nocturnal, have live young, does not eat plants, feeds on waste and dropped fish food, too many snails mean you need to feed your fish less and vacuum your gravel more, high temps also equal overbreeding. They can completely overtake your tank. When your Malaysian trumpet snails crawl out of their water, you know it's time for a water…

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Snail Eating Algae Off Aquarium Glass

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Don't forget to subscribe!Ramshorn Snail – While these snails are an excellent algae eater, they can also be a danger to many aquatic plants. If there isn’t sufficient food in an aquarium, then they may begin to consume fine leafed plants – something no fish-keeper wants.