Albino Water Dragon by Steve Bullock.

Albino�s are the result of a freak genetic accident, that�s exploited by breeders. Now, since 99% of Water Dragons in the US are imported from Vietnamese jungles - ripped from their wild environment by the thousands - then stuffed in sacks and stuffed onto a boat for shipping to america, you�re unlikely to see an albino CWD.

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After Super Kami Guru drank all the water on Planet Namek and caused the great drought, he blamed it on the Albino Namekians and the infuriated Namekians killed them all, as per Super Kami Guru's instruction.

Albino Water Dragon by Steve Bullock

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Albino Water Dragon Albino dragon - metamorphosis (water dragon) by

Experience: 30 years of personal fish tanks with 8 years experience as a selective fish breeder. I created my own strain of miniature Albino Corey Catfish and a strain of extreme fan tail guppies. Raised about 12,000 for the local fish stores.(Hawaii) At that time I had 7 tanks. I had a Dragon Goby for 2 years while in Hawaii. He was my bad water alarm. He was very sensitive and reacted to water conditions going bad by swimming up at the top, taking breaths of air out of the water.

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