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Boasting an air tight seal mason jars are ideal for keeping the smell of your dank contained. Mason jars have been around for over a century and have since been made in a wide variety of shapes in sizes.

Place your food items in the container, and press the lid on tight to maintain an airtight seal.

Yes evaporation can occur in an air tight container if you put some water in dry air and sealed the container. But the air would very quickly become saturated. Once the air was saturated (100% humidity) no more evaporation would take place. Look up the vapor pressure for water at that temperature to calculate how much would would evaporate. At 70 F the vapor pressure of water is 0.3631 psi.

Tightvac - 3” VitaVac Airtight Vacuum Sealed Container Clear Black

Most coffee storage containers aren’t truly airtight, so even if you think you have a good seal air can still get in. PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS will store 2 standard size boxes of cereal. The convenient flip tops provides generous openings for pouring 15.3 cups, making this value set ideal nesting pantry storage containers - Bundled with exclusive paksh novelty clothAIRTIGHT CONTAINERS by Snapware features a secure 4-sided locking system that's leak-proof and watertight, keeping moisture and little critters out. These 100% airtight cereal containers are BPA free plastic container with lids. Sealed containers made with silicone seal that keeps the contents fresh and dry for an extended period of time.

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Each CVault comes with 2 Boveda Humidifier packets that keep your bud moist for 60 days straight. All CVaults also come with several sturdy latches to ensure an air tight and smell proof seal. And that’s what makes the CVault one of the best containers to store weed in.

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Ordinary kitchen canisters can do an acceptable job if they can be tightly closed and there is little air space along with the coffee. But for better results, use a specially designed air-tight coffee storage container, such as the or the . These containers have air-tight seals to keep air out, along with one-way valves to let carbon dioxide escape. (For more information about the Friis Coffee Vault, see .) In general, once a package is open, it’s best to move what you don't use into an airtight container, whether it's a resealable plastic bag or a sturdier container. This will keep things fresh and prevent accidental spills from creating a mess in your pantry.The SneakGuard CombiFresh takes the stash container to a whole new level by integrating security, safety and freshness into a single locking, air-tight, vacuum sealed, humidity regulated marijuana storage device. One of the most popular and efficient weed storage containers on the market is the . They feature a simple but effective airtight sealing mechanism, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.