"air pump nozzle" 3D Models to Print - yeggi - page 20

1) 3d print the Air-Holder part
2) remove back and top panel of Nomad 883 (remove 9x 3 mm cap head screws + 2x 6 mm button screws, remove back, raise front door and slide top out back)
3) remove press-fit aluminum nozzle from pistol grip blow gun. (protect tube with tape, use pliers to twist, then pull straight out carefully)
4) feed tube through drag-chain. start at spindle side.
5) pull excess tubing through electronics access port. (leave ~10" excess tube on the spindle side)
6) lightly zip tie tube to spindle motor wiring at entrance of drag chain.
7) Drill 1/4" hole in back panel at desired location for tube to exit machine. (I used 3/8" and a grommet to protect the tube)
8) install top panel.
9) Run line through back panel hole (feed through grommet if used)
10) install back panel (start with 2x 6 mm button screws at bottom then install 9x 3 mm cap head screws)
11) back to the spindle-side, cut tube slightly longer that the wires going to the spindle motor. (the air nozzle will be able to slide up and down so be sure to give yourself some slack to adjust the air nozzle position.)
12) remove the 6 mm spindle clamp bolt (note torque of bolt for reassembly)
13) I applied neoprene foam to the air-holder to ensure a snug fit without interfering with spindle clamp.
14) install 6 mm spindle clamp bolt (apply noted torque from step 12)
15) heat end of tube and install nozzle into tube (insert 1/2")
16) snap nozzle into air-holder and adjust position and angle of nozzle.
17) confirm clearance in all positions of the spindle, adjust as needed.
18) heat opposite end of air line to install air pump, insert on barbed pump connector.
19) turn on pump prior to milling operations for a nice chip clearing solution.
20) now go thank Danny Harper for the idea!

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Are you looking to purchase the best affordable air pump nozzle attachment? I encountered a similar problem several years ago. The air bed came with a rechargeable battery-powered electric blower to inflate and deflate it, but I couldn't rely on it when camping for a week or more, because the charge would drain away and over time the batteries got weak, so I always carried a bellows style pump, just like the one shown above. The problem with the bellows pump was that none of the included nozzles fit the air bed valve. My first attempt at solving the problem consisted of a simple PVC ring, turned on a lathe to slip onto the end of the hose and allow it to plug into the valve with a reasonably snug fit. It worked, but was not entirely satisfactory, especially when I used the pump in reverse to deflate the air bed.

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