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The recommended cleaning process for the UTR-FA13-2 Negative Air Ions deodorizing filter is to clean the filter in a warm water and mild detergent. The air filter is not to be scrubbed with an abrasive pad or brush. Scrubbing will damage the deodorizing power of the filter. Fujitsu recommends that this air filter be cleaned every three months, and replaced every three years.

The nose is a filter and deodorizer, in passing through which the air is cleansed and sent pure into the lungs.

Nine Stage State of the Art Filtering
Stage 1 Pre-filtration of lint, hair and dander.
Stage 2 Pre-filtration of large dust.
Stage 3 Pre-filtration of large particles/pollen.
Stage 4 First Stage Gas/VOC adsorption - Activated Carbon.
Stage 5 Second Stage Gas/VOC adsorption – Zeolite Stage 6 H.E.P.A. type Filter designed to trap up to 99% of most airborne particles, including pollen, dust, dander, mold, bacteria and much more.
Stage 7 Biocide Filter keeps bio-aerosols from re-entering the air flow.
Stage 8 Ionization feature emits a mild charge that refreshes stale room air. This is an optional feature and can be switched off.
Stage 9 Deodorizer/Ozonator an additional deodorizing stage which creates activated oxygen to attack offensive orders. This is an optional feature and can be switched off.

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RE-1 Refrigerator Air Filter & Deodorizer Elements Cartridges - Walmart When choosing the right kind of air filter for your home, what should you consider? There are two primary kinds of top-quality air filters: hybrid catechin pre-filters and Platinum Deodorizing filters. Both are remarkably effective at ridding indoor air of ugly odors before it is passed through a second filtration system for allergens, pollutants and particulate matter — but they work in different ways. To find out which kind will best , read on.


Platinum Deodorizing filters, which also cleanse the air of unpleasant odors, work in premium units. Instead of catechin, these filters absorb foul smells using a platinum catalyst. They use nanotechnology, which makes them incredibly efficient at absorbing odor at the molecular level. A nanometer-scale mesh platinum catalyst deodorizing filter catches and absorbs even the tiniest particulate matter in the air.

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