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Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you live in an area where fleas and ticks are a more serious problem than flies and mosquitoes, then you can trust Frontline Plus will do the job. It’s a very effective product; I use it on my 3 dogs and have never had a problem with it. I also have two cats in the house that have never been negatively affected by our dogs’ treatments. When you consider K9 Advantix’s potential for hurting cats, that can be a decisive factor. You will need to make sure your dogs and cats are separated for 12-24 hours if you decide to use Advantix in a household with cats.

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We’re a bit mixed on this one because, though Advantix II takes care of mosquitos and biting flies, it also has permethrin in it and has received some tough reviews online. Frontline Plus has better reviews so if you have cats and/or don’t need mosquito protection, we’d recommend over Advantix II. If mosquitoes or biting flies are a real issue and you don’t have cats, then go with .

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Compare Activyl to Activyl Tick Plus to K9 Advantix II - 1-800-PetMeds Our two dogs became infested with fleas a couple years ago. We tried a ton of different medications, and were about to 'bomb' the house when our vet recommended K9 Advantix. Within one week there were NO fleas, not on the dogs, not in the house. Before using K9 Advantix, I'd sit at night picking fleas off our one poodle, and we were desperate for a solution. This is a fabulous product. As we didn't have experience with ticks or mosquitos when using this product, I can't comment on them, but for fleas, this is the best. I was told by a salesperson at Petsmart that Advantix has a repellant in it besides something to kill the fleas, and Frontline, its main competitor, has only a flea killer, which won't work until the flea bites the dog.

In addition, I found a review by the NIH regarding the two medications for ticks and I quote an excerpt from the abstract: "The number of live ticks on the control dogs ranged from a geo. mean of 12.0 to 29.5 ticks per dog during the study. Percent efficacy for the K9 Advantix group ranged from 84.0 to 98.5 % between test days 3 and 35. Percent efficacy for the Frontline Plus group ranged from -28.1 to 56.8% during the corresponding period."

U.S. EPA, Pesticides, Label, K9 ADVANTIX PLUS 20, 1/19/2011

Now I am thinking I will stick with Frontline Plus, at least I know it is okay for us and we have not had any reactions. I like that Advantix II seems like it covers more pests, but the potential risks do not seem worth it.

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All Your Advantage II Questions Answered: I can only state what our experience has been with K-9 Advantix over the years. We own & operate a dog boarding/dog day care business. In addition, we own 7 dogs of our own(1 Husky, 1 Malamute, 2 Great Pyrenees, 1 Chow, 1 Pomeranian, & 1 Yorkie) and all 7 dogs use K-9 Advantix without any issues. Our Malamute & Yorkie have been on it the longest (7 & 8 years respectively). No problems or issues have ever been observed. None of them have ever had any issues with fleas/ticks either, so the product has been highly effective for our dogs in our area of the country. K-9 Advantix is also water resistant, which is a plus for the times the dogs get wet.

There are always going to be some dogs who may be sensitive to the chemicals in flea/tick control products & end up having reactions. There are a variety of choices on the market so if your dog has a reaction try another product.

However, any review (like the one below)that tells people not to purchase a product based on 1 isolated case because their 1 dog had a reaction is ignorant. Furthermore, it is totally idiotic to state that their cat got rid of its flea problem because it was in the same house with their dog. If the cat had somehow received a strong enough dose of K-9 Advantix to kill its fleas the cat would have become very ill since K-9 Advantix is toxic to cats. My advice to others is to ignore reviews written by uninformed people.