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We've gathered them all here, in costume form, of course. From cute adorable bunny costumes for your baby, to something a little more for the adults, we've got every kind of bunny costume you could need here. We even have some toy carrots to pair with your costume, just in case you don't feel like lugging around real produce all night long (to be entirely accurate, you should carry around a clump of Romaine lettuce, since carrots aren't actually good for a rabbit). If you don't want to splurge on a whole costume, we also have some cool kits you can use to make yourself look like a rabbit at an economical cost!

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While the internet is going crazy over memes and GIFs, we are sitting in front of our computers with googly eyes because we can't stop looking up bunny videos. We love everything about those adorable little fluff balls! First of all, rabbits are so small, their fur is so soft, and we can't get enough of how their little pink noses twitch nonstop. If you have a fascination with bunnies too, then why not dress as a cute rabbit for Halloween? You'll love wiggling your fuzzy poof of a tail while you hop from place to place! You'll also love having paws, nibbling on carrots, and twitching your pointy ears. The following tips and tricks we'll teach you everything you need to know about becoming one believable bunny that everyone wants to chase or own as a pet. Look over our wonderful bunny costumes, accessories, and props so you can fully transform yourself into one of the cutest and cuddliest animals in the world. Plus, we have an assortment of for babies, toddlers, children, and adults. All of our suggestions are sure to put a little bit of bounce in your step!

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For a first time bunny owner, we would recommend adopting an adult bunny from a rescue or shelter. Getting a baby rabbit does not necessarily enhance the human-rabbit bond. Baby rabbits are also very destructive, active, and playful while older rabbits tend to be more mellow and cuddly. Personality and affection level can drastically change in a rabbit in the first year of his growth. Rabbits reach puberty around 2.5 to 4 months of age and will become very territorial and generally lose all previously until altered. If you have bonded baby bunnies, chances are that their bond will break at around this time. After adolescence and , rabbits will be much more amenable to permanent .

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In an attempt to allow our rabbits to enjoy a dry, reasonably warm day out in our yard and to give them a chance to get some exercise and to socialize, we let them out in their protective pens, separating the adult males from each other and from the females and their litters. One adult female with an older litter of her own decided she did not like her sister's younger litter being in the same pen. She aggressively went after a few of the 3-week-old babies and finally succeeded in biting and crippling one unfortunate baby.

Very shortly after, we came across a viral video where a similar thing happened to a baby bunny named Wheelz whose owners found crippled but alive and built him a little wheelchair out of dollar-store materials. This was a very moving gesture and was heartwarming in the hope it inspired. Unfortunately, their bunny ultimately passed away too from his injuries.

The saddest part of the whole thing was some people's reactions to their video. They blamed Overlook Acres (Wheelz' owners) for what happened and accused them of cruelty and neglect for allowing their rabbits to freerange and 'suffer' outdoors.

They ignored the explanation that an adult rabbit caused Wheelz' injuries and questioned their character and motivations for keeping rabbits and for trying to keep Wheelz' memory alive.

I thought for a long time about whether or not to publish this video (as I simply wanted to forget this ugly incident), but felt it should be shared in defense of what the good people at Overlook Acres had said all along. An adult rabbit attacked and crippled their baby bunny through no fault of their own.

People criticize breeders if they keep their rabbits in cages with wire floors (no matter the thickness of the gauge or the fact that it's ultimately healthier and cleaner for them), yet in trying to do better and offering them the ability to freerange... this too is treated by some as being criminal and neglectful.

Not so and not fair.

So in defense of Overlook Acres, I'm showing this video.

This video is and remains my sole copyright.
Do not repost or use without permission.And even though Ralphie hated looking like a pink fuzzy bunny, with this Christmas Story Adult Bunny Hoodie, we got a feeling that you’re gonna love it! Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this hoodie is super warm and comfy. This pink hoodie has a full zipper and pockets in front (always handy!), and the hood even has bunny ears attached! It’s the perfect hoodie to wear when you just wanna zip up into something warm and cozy and settle in to to watch one of the best, most hilarious Christmas movies ever made with your family and friends…but unlike Ralphie, you might never want to take this thing off!