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11. When a bearded dragon baby is born it is very, very, small. It weighs about about 2 grams and is 4 inches in length. To measure the weight of a baby bearded dragon is when it is first born, hold 4 or 5 regular metal paper clips in your hand. Does it feel heavy or light to you?

Here are seven common myths you may hear about pertaining to owning a bearded dragon.

Young dragons require a significantly greater insect-to-plant matter ratio in their diets than adults. About 90% of a juvenile bearded dragon’s diet is insects, but 90% of an adult’s diet is leafy greens and vegetables.

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Bearded dragons are quite unusual. Discover some fascinating facts about beardies. Ask an associate about Petco's selection of books on bearded dragons and the variety of private brand products available for the care and happiness of your new pet. All private brand products carry a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Although bearded dragons can often be easy going pets, there are specific habitat and dietary requirements that are important to their health and happiness. Young bearded dragons can be kept in a 10-gallon or a 20-liter habitat as they grow and mature. Once they become an adult, they should not be kept in a habitat that is less than 40-gallons. An appropriately sized habitat will allow them enough space for activity and exercise. Consult our Care Sheet link above before buying a bearded dragon, to find out more about what your pet needs as you support and socialize them.

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If you just got a bearded dragon or are wanting to brush up on some fundamentals, our complete care guide will show you everything you need to know about raising a healthy and happy bearded dragon.Need to find some information about bearded dragons? No problem! Our bearded dragon articles will give you everything you need to know about bearded dragons (it's also where all of our "Bearded Dragon Quiz" questions come from).Test your knowledge of bearded dragons with our infamous bearded dragon test. Don't worry, if you know a lot about bearded dragons, you might do okay. Test yourself and see how you do!
Bearded dragons are native to Australia, but most kept as pets in the United States today are bred from captive stock. These cute, friendly lizards make excellent first pets for many families wanting reptiles. If you are thinking about getting a bearded dragon, here are some “beardie” basics you should know.