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I may have missed it but I haven’t seen any completed omni wheel drive BB-8 builds yet. I have seen one omni wheel drive (like the one shown in the photo) that drives a ball but with no head as yet. I’ve also seen one BB-8 with a working head that use omni wheels but as far as I can tell they’re used just as hamster drive wheels, though I may have missed some subtle difference supplied by the use of omni wheels.

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The silent spinners are one of, if not the, most popular hamster wheels on the market today- and for good reason. They are, as their name implies, virtually silent. Unfortunately, these wheels only come in three sizes- in 4.5", 6.5", and 12" diameters. At least 8" is recommended for a syrian hamster's wheel size, but this is probably too small for most. However, for a baby or young teddy bear hamster, the 6.5 and 8 inch wheels should do until they grow larger. Most syrian hamsters should use the 12" wheel if they can manage to push it along.

8" (20cm) wheel - young Syrians, adult dwarfs and Chinese hamsters.

With my hamsters , they have always used :RCDs , WWs :: 6 And, it really depends on the size of the hamster if they need a 8" wheel. My past hamster fit fine in an 8" inch, but my friend has a hamster who needs an 11" wheel.

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I haven't seen a full grown syrian that has been able to use an 8in wheel comfortably (no back bending). I have a 12 in Wodent Wheel for my hamster--I got it for like $16 and it is the best! So easy to clean and Aurora loves it.

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We recommend a wheel size of 6.5 inches for dwarf and Roborovski hamsters and at least 8 inches for larger hamsters, including Syrian hamsters.This is a Syrian hamster. Syrian hamsters are solitary and should never be kept together. They need a wheel that is 8+ inches. A good wheel is the Wodent Wheel and comfort wheel.The Large Comfort Wheel allows for a safe, solid running surface for gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, hedgehogs and other small rodents. At 8-1/2 inches, this wheel has a whisper quiet operation, and, because it is solid, won't catch tails. The Comfort Wheel comes with its own stand, but also has a cage attachment option. Stand is vinyl covered metal and wheel is heavy plastic. Color may vary.Like the silent spinners, the Wodent Wheels also are known for their low noise level. They come in three sizes- 8 inches (good for the smaller-sized syrian), 11 inches (better for syrian hamsters), and 12 inches (probably a little on the large side) Wodent Wheels also have a wall in the front of the wheel with holes as added security for the rodent, so he or she cannot flip out of the wheel. As an added bonus, they are made from recycled materials, and are ASPCA approved!