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The Exell A28PX 6v Alkaline Battery (L544BP V28PXL K28L PX28A A544) provides high-efficiency with long-lasting performance, and it is an ideal replacement battery for many applications. These applications range from vintage cameras, medical testing equipment, dog collars, and headlamps. It is also used in products from brands like PetSafe, Yashica, and Black Diamond. The older mercury batteries are no longer manufactured due to their high toxic levels. The Exell A28PX 6v Alkaline Battery (L544BP V28PXL K28L PX28A A544) is a popular replacement for the discontinued mercury batteries like PX28, 4MR44, V4034PX, 4H-C, 4NR44, and HM-4C.

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Be ready to work at a moment's notice with the Dremel 6-Volt Alkaline MiniMite 2-Speed Rotary Tool. You can tackle a wide range of do-it-yourself projects with this cordless tool that operates at 6000 and 12,000 RPM. It's lightweight at only 6 oz. and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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Maintenance Warehouse® 6V Alkaline Battery 2pk The BLACK+DECKER 6-Volt Alkaline Battery Cordless Screwdriver is great for those quick fixes around the house. It features an automatic spindle lock for greater control when starting and finishing screws or for manual use, if desired. There's a forward/reverse switch and a narrow nosepiece for extra help in tight places. A rubber grip provides comfort and control.

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The PetSafe 6-Volt Alkaline Battery is designed to fit the PetSafe BC-102 Bark Control Collar (sold separately). It is a good idea to have an extra battery, especially while you are first training your pet not to bark. This is a single battery pack.

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The Energizer A544 6V Alkaline Battery has a capacity of 140 mAh and features a leak-resistant construction. This battery replaces 4LR44, PX28A, and other similar batteries and is commonly found in cameras and other household electronics.These heavy duty cells are built for tough industrial uses in high drain devices, including large lanterns, flashlights and other specialty equipment. The high capacity batteries are made up of multiple cells that typically use alkaline or zinc-carbon chemistry. Those cells are housed together inside a larger, frequently rectangular shell. Please note that similar packages may actually include different-sized cells inside. A 6 Volt alkaline lantern battery, for example, may house 4 D batteries, while another 6-Volt battery uses F-size instead. The result is 2 different batteries, each with its own capacity.A 6-volt alkaline battery for the Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control and the Comfort-Fit™ Big Dog Spray Bark Control collars. This battery has a 5-year shelf life and lasts up to 1-2 months.This 6-volt alkaline battery is primarily used to power photo equipment, glucometers, and medical equipment. Compatible with some electronic dog collars.