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This is this 5 gallon Cates Kosher Dill Pickle jar with the original label still intact. It is a clear glass jar and it is marked Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858. It has star on the front, an eagle on the back and a crackle design on the bottom. The jar is in very nice condition with no chips or cracks. There are some scuffs/scratches from age/use. It measures a big 19" to the top of the lid and is approximately 9" in diameter at the bottom. The metal lid is has some rust, holes and deterioration - you could replace it if so desired


Anyway, I said I would keep it short in telling my journey. I like getting right to the point sometimes. I was making so many batches with these small vessels each week and bottling my KT. It became overwhelming, so I had this idea of getting a bigger vessel/fermenter..Duh. I jumped right in to brewing a 5 gallon batch with some 1/2 gallon mason jars for experimental flavors or backup starter. The one 5 gallon vessel soon went to four 5 gallon fermenters within a month and into kegs. Can you tell this hobby became a passion?

5 Gallon Mason Jar with Eagle Star Patent Nov 30 1858 - Etsy

LARGE-5-GALLON-CLEAR-GLASS-PICKLE-MASON-JAR-EMBOSSED-EAGLE-STAR-PATENT-1858 I recent bought a clear half gallon canning jar that says “”Mason” Patent Nov. 30th 1880″ – not 1858 and I have not been able to find anything about this jar online or find one like it for sale anywhere. Can you tell me anything about it? There are no other markings on the jar except for the number 72 on bottom. Thank you

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i have a very large jar about 4 gallon in size embosed eagle holding olive branch and arrows with 7 stars around eagle other side has masons then an embosed star patatend november 30 1858 crakled finish embosed on bottom i beleve it to be made in 1976 my question is what would such a large jar be used for and can you tell me where to find a correct screw on lid for it and did it have a carrying handle around the neck if so i need that too i beleve it to have a value between 40 and 80 dollars please correct me if that is wrong any help would be apprieciated

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