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Obviously, I can understand reps & sets but what exactly does 4-count mean?

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10 ball 4-count A 4-count (also called "every others") is a pattern where every fourth throw is a pass. This is a common pattern for passing 6 objects, with two people doing and passing on right-hand throw. With 8 objects it can be done either entirely in the , alternating between throwing a right hand pass and a left hand crossing throw, and then two crossing throws, or the two throws between passes can be non-crossing, so the pattern alternates between two throws of a wimpy pattern with one hand throwing to the other person, and two throws of a synch . The second method is the one that would be used for and since those are not good for wimpy patterns.

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From a standing position, the individual drops to a squat with hands on floor (count 1), thrusts the legs back to a pushup position (count 2), returns the legs to the squat position (count 3) and then returns to standing position (count 4). The military 8-Count Bodybuilder adds a full pushup after count 2 (count 3 and 4), and opens and closes the legs while in push-up position (count 5 and 6). The Burpee variation replaces count 4 with a plyometric squat jump before returning to the standing starting position."4 count bicycles" From the situp position, elevate your head, neck and shoulders off the ground by flexing your abs, and keep them elevated. Place your fingers just behind your ears (do not lace your fingers behind your neck). Extend your right leg straight out while you bring your left knee toward your face, and twist your raised torso to the left until your right elbow touches your left knee. Count "one". Extend your left leg straight out while you bring your right knee toward your face, and twist your raised torso to the right until your left elbow touches your right knee. Count "two". Reverse to touch your right elbow to your left knee again and count "three". Reverse to touch your left elbow to your right knee again and count "ONE". The count goes, "one, two, three, ONE, one, two, three, TWO, one, two, three, THREE," etc. Throughout music history there has been a significant influence from boy bands. Starting with the British Invasion and The Beatles, continuing to Motown with the Jackson 5, and spanning into the 80's and 90's with groups like New Edition, N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys, the boy band image will now be reinvented and taken to new heights with Ncredible Entertainment's newest group 4Count. Since their inception 4Count has progressively been building toward bigger and better things. Their debut single, "Good to be Bad" mixes Pop and R&B with slick wordplay and hip-hop dance in their video. Their appearance on "America's Got Talent" with rap duo, New Boyz was met with rave reviews. With good looks and even greater talent, 4Count is ready to become music's next biggest stars. Their natural-born knacks for singing and dancing will not only extend the timeline of their talented predecessors, but will change the face of Pop music as we know it. A 4-count for an odd number of objects is the same as a 4-count for the even number just below that number (including the way the hands are synchronized) except the passes are higher than the other throws (e.g. passed 5s and non-passed 3s for 7 objects, or passed 6s and non-passed 4s for 9 objects), and the two jugglers don't pass at the same time: one person's right hand throws a pass at the same time as the other person's right hand throws a non-passed throw. To start the pattern, the person holding more objects starts juggling by throwing a pass, and the other person makes their first throw (a pass) at the same time as the first person makes their third throw.