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The genetic fingerprints of the ESBL-producing E. coli isolates identified 15 genotypes, of which 19 (53%) of 36 were type A ().This genotype was found in wild and domestic birds. MLST analysis revealed 15 different sequence types (STs) and 1 nontypeable isolate (). Four isolates had new allele types or a new combination of allele types and were given novel STs (ST2690–ST2693). STs found in wild birds differed from those in poultry. One CTX-M-14–producing isolate from chicken belonged to the internationally recognized ST131 clone. Conjugation was successful for 9/18 isolates, indicating the transferability of plasmids carrying ESBL genes.

Sep 7, 2015 - Recent extensive epidemiological studies revealed that 15 types of ABV were detected from many species of birds all over the world [7, 13].

The carriage rate of ESBLs was high and the predominating antimicrobial-resistant phenotypes of wild birds and poultry appeared to correlate with antimicrobial prescription patterns in Bangladesh (). Most ESBL-positive samples originated from poultry, and household poultry was the predominant carrier of the blaCTX-M-15 genotype and the CTX-M-14–like enzymes. However, the blaCTX-M-15 genotype was retrieved from wild birds. The CTX-M-15 gene shows a global distribution in clinical settings but has been reported from poultry in the United Kingdom () and from wild birds in Sweden (), which indicates that this ESBL type also is widely disseminated in the environment.

The size ranges up to 15 cm (6 inches) in length

Though mainly insectivorous, they eat nectar and fruits of various kinds The interpretation center, Abhiruchi Kendra, was developed at a cost of Rs. 42 lakhs including Rs. 15 lakhs for kiosks. So far 225 types of birds are recorded in Nal Sarovar area. 140 of them are water-birds and 70 of them are migratory. Out of these 70, only 25 to 30 are easily observed by the visitors and tourists. The interpretation center focuses on these 30 species. Some of the species are flamingo, pelican, egret, heron, ducks, cormorant, crane. Migratory birds' travel distance, place of origin, cross-section prototype of Nal Sarovar’s under water life are exhibited in the center. A reverse osmosis plant is also set up to offer pure drinking water to visitors.

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Avian function in almost the same way as the more extensively studied mammalian kidney, but with a few important adaptations; while much of the anatomy remains unchanged in design, some important modifications have occurred during their evolution. A bird has paired kidneys which are connected to the lower gastrointestinal tract through the . Depending on the bird species, the makes up around 71-80% of the kidney's mass, while the is much smaller at about 5-15% of the mass. Blood vessels and other tubes make up the remaining mass. Unique to birds is the presence of two different types of (the functional unit of the kidney) both reptilian-like nephrons located in the cortex and mammalian-like nephrons located in the medulla. Reptilian nephrons are more abundant but lack the distinctive seen in mammals. The urine collected by the kidney is emptied into the through the ureters and then to the colon by reverse .

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